Saturday, 11 June 2016

OnePlus 2 Mini Rumor Release Date Price Specs And Features

OnePlus 2 Mini price
OnePlus 2 Mini-Rumor technical spesifikas carried by OnePlus 2 Mini is still confusing. But from a fairly reliable source, the latest smartphone brand will carry the OnePlus screen measuring 4.9 inches AMOLED type. As a gadget upper middle class, the use of AMOLED screen is rightly relied upon. AMOLED type screen which is on OnePlus 2 Mini will provide captivating visual quality, in addition to the screen has a pretty good physical strength. Besides carrying the visual quality is pretty cool, one of the mainstays at OnePlus is a data processing capability. Yup, that's right! OnePlus 2 Mini Smartphone is equipped with hardware specifications upscale certainly will produce exceptional performance gahar. This is because OnePlus itself pinned chipset types of System on Chip (SoC) by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core CPU power and RAM capacity of 3 GB. Okay performance was also supported by line connectivity comes with support for the best technology, the dual SIM that already support 4G LTE network. Not to forget, OnePlus 2 Mini was also carrying a form of quality photographic capabilities duet 13 MP rear camera and front camera measures 8 MP. A glimpse of the technical specifications, can not be denied that the latest smartphone from OnePlus is indeed very qualified. Want to know more clearly the quality available to him? Check out the full review Begawei on specifications and price OnePlus 2 Mini to segments below!

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